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Please be aware that is a professional scamming agency!


I've created this website to warn others about their malicious activity and to share my experience about being scammed. Please don't fall into their lies! 


They are available 24/7 via chat but rarely ever can you contact them. Once they sell you their service and provide you fake screenshots of their past work, only then you will have fallen victim to their schemes. 


They will NOT help you on your assignments. Instead, they will use transferwise to submit payment. Once you have deposited the amount, you're assigned to an expert. However, later you will be forced to pay more money because they believe someone "more advance" (PHd level) should help you or they need to "create a team" to help you. I was too naive and paid the extra only to figure out later it was a lie since no communication came after the payment was made. 

I have tried many attempts to ask for my refund, since it was made clear when I made the payment that it would not be a problem if asked before the service was made. However, these professional scammers have told me that they can't refund because of technical error or will ask for more money to wire the full amount - which doesn't make sense. At the end of our conversation, they would mock me and leave the conversation.

The positive reviews on their website and screen shots of their past work are fake accounts. I have provided proof below based on their malicious activity. 


Updated - 9.10.20

Please note the positive reviews on and their official website are lies from the employees who wrote their own reviews. Other recent victims have posted similar stories like mine below and it's also seen on Those who have posted negative reviews on are from real clients and have experienced being scammed.

Full Testimonial via 

"Where do I begin? I was desperate and needed assistance for one of my classes. Despite reading reviews I still decided to give them a shot because they were affordable. Made me pay through transferwise and converted my money to British pounds. That was the begin of my suspicion. They will tell you everything to convince you but there is no formal agreement. Once you give them your syllabus they connect you with a so called expert. Mine was some fake ass chick named Lisa Walker. Less than 48 hours into this, I was lied to saying my assignment was completed however nothing was posted on my college forum board. I stupidly gave them my college log in. However part of my stipulation was to work with the expert instead of having the person do the entire work. I asked for a refund and they were trying to make me wait 45 days when the money was given to them the high instant pay. I called my bank to file a dispute because these people are fraudulent. The next day I get threatening text messages and a call of some Indian dude cursing me out for calling my bank and disputing the charge. Despite receiving 0% help and canceling their service right away, they tried to threaten in every way possible. Do not believe in the good reviews. These are scam artists. Most websites that say they will give you assistance are all BS." 

"Best Student Advisors dot com -THIS PLACE IS A SCAM! Do not use this place. They will take your money and not help you. They then will have a "tutor" contact you directly and ask for you to work directly with the tutor trying to double end money while your waiting for "refund". You will never get a refund and they ask for you to use Zelle so you cannot dispute the transaction. STAY AWAY!"

"DON'T fall for it, DON'T fall for it, DON'T fall for it. they made me pay a lot of money and pretended to be sooooo friendly and connected me to someone who pretends to be an "expert" then when the exam started they disappeared . no one answered me and the tutor kept saying that her inbox doesn't work, i was talking to her then just 10 mins before the exam, they disappeared. If you pay them, they will steal you. it's your choice. DON'T fall for it"

You have been warned! 


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